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Project Motivation

I am designing and building the Class 3ATGL modern high performance minimum gauge 0-4-2T steam locomotive for my Saint Paul College degree requirements.

Why would I do such a thing?

I want to develop my understanding of the modern steam locomotive. However the chance of me working on a standard gauge design is slim at best.

So I decided that since there is a 7-1/2" gauge track locally I would develop a design that will run on that gauge.

But it will be different than the other engines that operate there in several ways:

  • First I want to incorporate the principles of Chapelon, Porta and Wardale and others, who are the main exponents of modern steam design.

  • Second I do not want a scale model of a standard gauge design from the past, but rather a design following the minimum gauge approach taken by Heywood; that it will be a working locomotive for the gauge.

  • Third I want to contribute the twin aims of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and sustainable development by firing with renewable dry biomass.

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