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Papers written by the late Bill Hall, F.R.Eng, F.I.Mech.E

  1. Boiler Model
  2. Cylinder Condensation in Unsuperheated Steam Engines
  3. Predicting Locomotive Performance
  4. An Approximate, But Logical, Method of Designing Walschaerts & Stephenson Valvegear
  5. 'Front End' Design
  6. The "Ideal" Cycle
  7. Measuring Steam Engine Performance
  8. Digital Indicator - Circuit Diagram
  9. The Calculation of Indicator Cards in 'Perform.exe'
  10. The Practical, or Sawn-off Rankine Cycle
  11. The 'Simple' Slide Valve

A brochure describing wood pellet fuel.

An article by Roger Wicks about coal use.